Bare Minerals Refillable Mineral Vail To Go

I have always loved Mineral Vail by Bare Minerals but I hated trying to tote it around without wasting it. I tried putting it other portable brushes but, it was never the same. That's why I was so excited to see this at Sephora for just $22.00! Its a great product for a great price.

Fancy Love fragrance by Jessica Simpson

All I can say is "Way to go Jess!" This fragrance has everything I look for in a good perfume. First off, it has staying power. No weak, watered down knock-off here. It has crisp, fruit and floral notes strangely familiar to Burberry Brit but with a cleaner finish. The packaging and bottle are well done and its at a comfy prince point. I say, a job well done!

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