Bare Minerals Refillable Mineral Vail To Go

I have always loved Mineral Vail by Bare Minerals but I hated trying to tote it around without wasting it. I tried putting it other portable brushes but, it was never the same. That's why I was so excited to see this at Sephora for just $22.00! Its a great product for a great price.

Fancy Love fragrance by Jessica Simpson

All I can say is "Way to go Jess!" This fragrance has everything I look for in a good perfume. First off, it has staying power. No weak, watered down knock-off here. It has crisp, fruit and floral notes strangely familiar to Burberry Brit but with a cleaner finish. The packaging and bottle are well done and its at a comfy prince point. I say, a job well done!

I am proud to anounce that my Fiance is now an employee of Lush Cosmetics!
This means I will be able to do MORE reviews MORE often! I plan to try pretty much everything!
Just wanted to share the good news with you all!



Revlon Perfect Heat 1" Ceramic Straightener with BONUS 1/2" Straightener.  $16.00 @ Target (in store)

The 1" is the perfect size for me. It's light weight and fits my hand well giving me great rang of motion. It has a swivel cord as well for even more maneuverability. Both sides of the barrel are rounded, so it can easily double as a curler.  With 30 heat settings and lightning fast heat up time you cant go wrong with this Ceramic, and the Bonus 1/2" is a steel...
At first I thought, "well, I don't really need the 1/2", but it would be nice for travel." I was wrong! The 1/2" works so well for detailing Bangs  or framing the face. Its small, so I didn't feel uneasy about it being close to my face or ears which allowed me to do much more intricate work. Its also great for that one patch of rebellious hair that wont do what its told, or, as I mentioned before, Travel. It heats up fast too, which is always a plus!

*They both also reduce Frizz and Split Ends and Increase the shine of your hair for an over all more healthy look and feel.

Blow Dryer

The Remington "All That" Blow Dryer
$12.00 @ Target
It may be small but it packs a punch. 3 Heat selection to choose from and a High & Low setting make it a good all around blow dryer. It features a long cord and ergonomic handle, plus its light weight and very portable.


Yet another Lush trip

My Fiance spotted me some Flow ($$$) for this Haul.
I went there to get some Enchanted Eye Cream and a sample of Coalface. I ended up with the Dorothy Bubble Bar  (new) and a
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb (also new
If you like the Candy Fluff scent by Lush, you will LOVE the Fluffy Egg.
I also got a Tin for my Godiva Solid Shampoo and a sample of
Dream Wash
Aaaand, since my total was over $40 I got a free Bathos Bubble Bar which is one of my favorites! And I got a sample of Porridge Soap
for free as well.
All and all, a good Haul!


A much needed trip to Ulta

Money has been a little tight for me the past few weeks but I did manage to get down to my local Ulta for a little Retail Therapy.
I was so excited because they carry a LOT of N.Y.X products at my Ulta and I really wanted a black Jumbo Eye Pencil. unfortunately, they were completely out of them. But, I was able to find the Revlon Color Stay Baked Mineral Finishing Powder in #010. I have been looking for it for weeks!. I did purchase a few N.Y.X products though, I got two Eye Pencils : 917 Purple & 918 White Pearl. And a round Lipstick in 628 Tea Rose. The Eye Pencils are so well pigmented and vibrant. And the Lipstick is Matte but still feels creamy and smooth.
The last item I purchases on my trip to Ulta was a Ms. Manicure "Key To Smooth
, which is Key Chain that fans out to reveal a Nail File, Smoothing  File, Buffer Pad and Polishing Pad. I love having a 4way file on me at all times but the ones I get from Salley's Beauty Supply always get messed up in my purse or make up bag. Having it on my key Chain will keep it safe and handy.
Thats all for this haul!


Here are my recent Obsessions



88 Color Palette from
Coastal Scents

I just got my 88 Palette from Coastal Scents. Im so excited to try it out!!


Lush Valentines Day Party

 I have been so busy at work and with family matters that I never have time alone to update my blog. I attended a Valentines day LUSH party on Feb. 13. I Got a lot of new stuff and I will try and review them all.


Another Trip To Lush!

So I went to Lush 3 times this month and Iv got a TON of stuff to review!
I purchased :
  • Three Bubble bars:(1)Bathos Bubble Bar (1)A French Kiss Bubble Bar (1)Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Favorite Combinations:
*Blackberry Bath Bomb w/ Bathos Bubble Bar and Dreamtime Bath Melt
*Sakura Bath Bomb w/ A French Kiss Bubble Bar and Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt
*Supernova Bath Bomb w/ Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
I also received SEVERAL free samples!

*Chox Away Soap

*Godiva Solid Shampoo
(Gorgeous jasmine cleansing and conditioning bar)

*Celestial Moisturizer
(Simply heavenly for sensitive skin)

*Herbalism Cleanser
(for oily and problem skin)

*Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
(Cleansing chamomile bar for troublesome skin)

*Karma Kream Body Cream
(Spread your Karma from head to toe with this calming, toning miracle skin kream)

I am in love with all of the products I purchased and I am going back to buy a Full Sized Herbalism Cleanser,Celestial Moisturizer and Fresh Farmacy Cleanser.
These three are what I am most excited about because they are so good to my sensitive skin. I went into Lush with the hopes of finding something that would help calm my red,irritated skin and all three of the products sampled to me worked beautifully!
I use Herbalism at night after my shower and makeup remover. It doesn't look pretty but it is amazing at gently exfoliating your face and it has natural ingredients to minimize redness and inflammation. I noticed less redness after the first time I used it!
Fresh Farmacy works in many of the same ways, minus the deep exfoliating effects. It too has ingredients to keep skin calm. I use i in the morning (its that gentle) and once a week I apply it to my face and let it dry. It works like a clay mask would, and can even be used as an overnight spot treatment!
The Celestial Moisturizer is actually the first moisturizer I've used that doesn't burn or make me all greasy. My skin just drinks it in and it's so soothing!


Some thoughts on
Skin Care products

(Im still adding to this)

Recently I've buckeled down I started takeing steps to make my skin clearer and more healthy.
I was one of those people that thought that if it was expensive than it had to work. But now I have found that to not be the case at all, it always depends on the individual needs your skin has and addressing them correctly. Not just buying what is popular.
So decided the best way to start was from the inside out. I started taking a Hair,Skin & Nails dietary supplement to improve my skins overall health and also started drinking a glass of water 30min before I went to bed and then another fight when I woke up. Drinking water before and after going to sleep made the quickest difference. My usual morning puffiness was almost non existent and my eyes looked well rested and hydrated.
It took about 2 weeks for the Vitamins to start making a difference. Parts of my face that were always oily and prone to breakouts new clear skin with less oil began to emerge. And the chronically dry areas had just the right amount moisture. My scalp didn't get dry after washing and my hair was shinier and had more volume and strength with a lot less breakage and fall out during blow drying. My nails stated growing like crazy and were less brittle. The need for a hard clear coat was gone, they were stronger than ever.