Some thoughts on
Skin Care products

(Im still adding to this)

Recently I've buckeled down I started takeing steps to make my skin clearer and more healthy.
I was one of those people that thought that if it was expensive than it had to work. But now I have found that to not be the case at all, it always depends on the individual needs your skin has and addressing them correctly. Not just buying what is popular.
So decided the best way to start was from the inside out. I started taking a Hair,Skin & Nails dietary supplement to improve my skins overall health and also started drinking a glass of water 30min before I went to bed and then another fight when I woke up. Drinking water before and after going to sleep made the quickest difference. My usual morning puffiness was almost non existent and my eyes looked well rested and hydrated.
It took about 2 weeks for the Vitamins to start making a difference. Parts of my face that were always oily and prone to breakouts new clear skin with less oil began to emerge. And the chronically dry areas had just the right amount moisture. My scalp didn't get dry after washing and my hair was shinier and had more volume and strength with a lot less breakage and fall out during blow drying. My nails stated growing like crazy and were less brittle. The need for a hard clear coat was gone, they were stronger than ever.

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